best website builder for musicians

A band website is actually the brand-new songs pushset. It’ s a vital part of your music promotion.

Most networking happens online in today’ s popular music business. So you must be actually searchable. As well as the searchresults need to be up to day, intriguing as well as effectively made.

Why? Due to the fact that as soon as you release your popular music, that’ s exactly how you engage withfollowers, make an imprint, obtain noticed and also ultimately ended up being productive.

But let’ s face it- you may not possess time to create a website. Or perhaps recognize where to start or just how to perform it.

Here’ s what you require to find out about creating your how to make a band website and exactly how to do it step-by-step.

— But I Actually Possess Social Media Profiles!’

Maybe you presently possess all the necessary social media sites profiles. That’ s excellent!

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. SoundCloud. YouTube. It ‘ s smart to possess them and to keep all of them improved.

But if you don’ t possess a’effective website you ‘ re missing out on a large chance.

Linking all your social media sites to a durable website provides significant folks (A&R s, labels, agents, managers, bookers, writers) specifically what they require to find out about your project.

Plus placing every thing in one spot –- bio, gigs, call information, music–- will spare all of them opportunity and also create you extra bookable. That’ s what a press kit is actually for, and web sites are actually the brand new press sets.

It also shows that you’ re serious concerning your job. Professionalism and trust is actually a primary possession in these times when there’ s a lot amateur popular music around. Thus make it count!

What You Need On Your Website

Plan before you begin. An excellent music marketing technique needs to have some severe notion.

The info you feature will certainly vary relying on your project.

But every artist website ought to possess:

  • A regarding web page: your artist bio, your history, current press, and so on
  • A get in touchwithweb page: your email or even making a reservation for get in touchwithand hyperlinks to your social media accounts
  • A popular music page: where folks can hear (as well as also purchase) your songs and download your collections or even broadcast presents
  • A page withupcoming gigs: Followers must have the ability to find out about your programs and also acquire tickets. Include your previous jobs to present that you’ re energetic.
  • A photographes web page: along withhigh-resolution media photos that reporters can easily install (aim for 1200 pixels in size).
  • A shop page: where you market merchlike shirts, documents, posters, etc.

How to Make a Performer Website

Step 1: Select exactly how you’ ll construct your website

Are you searching for a free of cost website initially? Try:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger

Eachof these tools use valuable styles for beginning. Modification isn’ t a must. Yet if you wan na add some personal flair you’ ll need to recognize general HTML/CSS.

Or you might regularly inquire a web developer friend for some help. Customizing your performer website is actually a wonderful method to put your band fund to great usage.

Starter web sites feature a totally free domain, but it also consists of the label of the platform. As an example you’ ll receive or even

If you’ re significant about making a great band site that’ s searchable think about buying a custom-made domain. Sites like Dreamhost>> and Bluehost make it easy to do that (as well as there are actually plenty muchmore).

After you acquire a domain you can easily slap it on your WordPress or Tumblr site no problem.

Are you trying to find something that features artist website themes as well as requires zero programming? Attempt:

  • Difymusic
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Bandzoogle
  • HostBaby

These internet sites allow you easily design eachpage of your website throughyanking and dropping blocks of material (like what LANDR provides for mastering!).

There’ s no programming needed to have listed here. But in return there is a little monthto monthexpense.

Most of these website builders include a customized domain name included in the rate –- so you wear’ t necessity to purchase an additional one.

Are you seeking to additionally offer merchas well as reports online? Try:

  • Bandcamp
  • Big Cartel
  • StoreEnvy

These are online shops for artists. They’ re easy to establish. You come to always keep a lot of your earnings coming from sales of Compact discs, vinyl, tapes, tees or various other every other merchyou wan na sell.

Making a Bandcamp musician profile is complimentary. Bandcamp takes a best website builder for musicians percent of your sales: 15% for digital and 10% for physical merch. Discover exactly how to personalize your Bandcamp domain here.

Big Corporate trust lets you sell 5 different items in your store along withthe free program. If you possess a lot more stuff to market, they have various other rates strategies as well.

Add an eshop page to your website and install your Bandcamp or even Big Corporate trust market place. Or make use of the built-in e-shops coming from a website-making platform –- as muchas you to select what’ s best.

Step 2: Fill in your Approximately, Call, as well as Picture webpages

A well-written popular music biography is crucial for a good musician website.

Make it comical, innovative, interesting and whatever feels like you. Don’ t compose your whole life either- believe turning points!